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Chapter 110

“Dr John, how did it go?” April and Diane immediately got up and walked over as they asked anxiously.

“The surgery was very successful. The Achilles tendon has been reattached, and the nerves are still working. He should feel something after a month, then start recovering after two months. I’ll give him maximum 6 months to start walking.”

This was a conservative estimate. “Of course, if you follow my physiotherapy instructions, it will take less time.”

April and Diane burst into tears of joy. Their tears were unstoppable. William could finally stand again!

“Thank you doctor! Thank you doctor!”

April was going to fall to her knees soon.

John quickly helped her up. “Auntie, don’t do this, you’ll shave years off my life!”

She was amused that this fellow knew this sort of Chinese superstition.

“I…I don’t know how to thank you!” April’s eyes were all red from crying.

“Ethan is my brother, so you don’t have to be so formal!” John laughed. “I heard Auntie makes really good sweet vinegar pork ribs, so it’s enough if I get to try some.”

April quickly nodded her head vigorously.

“Enough. So much nonsense.”

Ethan glared at John. How dare he try to snatch food from him? John could dream on.

That was a dish his mother-in-law prepared specially for him, so there was no way Ethan was letting anyone else eat it.

Ethan was even scarier when he was protecting his food than when he was angry.

“Since everything is settled, you should go do whatever else you need to. What dinner do you want?”

Ethan had never been polite to John.

John could only shrug when he saw Ethan’s reaction.

He looked at Diane with a meaningful glance. He was surprised that there was actually a woman who managed to capture Ethan’s heart. That was amazing!

“I’ve already prepared Uncle’s recovery plan, so as long as you get a professional to supervise, then there shouldn’t be any problem.”

He did have other things to do. In order to perform this surgery on William, he had pushed aside all his other engagements and specially took two months to prepare for the surgery.

In this world, the only person who could make him do something like that, was Ethan.

John really left after that and didn’t waste a single minute.

He was afraid that if he didn’t leave now, the food protecting Ethan wouldn’t let him leave in one good piece anymore!

William’s face was still a little pale when he emerged from the operating theatre. But he couldn’t hide the energy in his eyes.

He could feel that he was going to be able to stand up soon!

“Mr. Hunt, I’ve already prepared the VIP room and physiotherapy room. There will be a professional physiotherapist on hand to help with that part,” the Vice-chairman smiled and tried to butter up to Ethan. “Please be rest assured, Dr John’s friends are our friends, so everything will be free of charge. Also, we will do our best to take good care of Chairman Palmer.”

He was most afraid that Ethan would refuse his offer.

“Sure, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

After thinking about it, Ethan nodded and added on, “I’ll make my own arrangements for security.”

“Sure, sure, no problem!”

The Vice-Chairman was so excited.

If he could get close to Ethan, he would do anything for him. Every little thing counted as a favor.

Then at least he had a small chance of inviting Dr John back for another lecture.

He ran off to make arrangements.

“Ethan, thank you,” William said very seriously.

He knew that all this was possible because of Ethan. In the operating theatre, there were more than ten experts in the field serving as John’s assistants.

Those were the best of Greencliff First Hospital!

But they were all like students in front of John, and it was clear how amazing Dr John was.

“No need to be so polite with your own son,” Ethan laughed. “Your son-in-law is half a son too.”

“You’re one full son,” William said as he took in a deep breath.

Their family owed Ethan too much and he really didn’t know how to repay him.

William then glanced at Diane and actually sighed.

Diane’s face immediately reddened.

Was her father going to use her to repay Ethan?

April pushed William to his ward to rest. The two of them talked among themselves and Diane couldn’t tell what they were talking about.

Ethan left with Diane.

He gave Tom Foster a call so he could arrange for men to guard William round the clock.

“Ethan, I think I’m doomed.” Diane lowered her head and finally spoke up after a long time in the car.

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