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Chapter 11

Little Foster?

Tom Foster was so rich and powerful, and he called himself Little Foster like some entry level employee?

Are you kidding?

Steven felt his ears about to burst. He must have heard wrongly!

All the other executives also felt like their faces had frozen and couldn’t believe what they had heard. They looked at each other as if they were asking each other if they were imagining things.

But since everyone had the same expression, did that mean all of them were imagining things?


Archie swallowed as he asked, “What did CEO Foster call himself?”

“Little Foster!”

Steven blurted it out then immediately shut his mouth.

If Tom Foster had heard him call him like this, he might die!

He wanted to go in, but Tom Foster shut the door behind him.

Everyone outside was holding their breath and fixed their gaze on the door, too afraid to even breathe too hard.

Just hearing the high and mighty CEO Foster call himself Little Foster had made every single person in the company freeze over instantly.

What on earth was happening?

Didn’t Diane get this project because she was sleeping with CEO Foster? But looking at how reverent Tom Foster was towards her, he was definitely not greeting a lover. He probably had even more respect for her than for his own mother.

Everyone’s head exploded and couldn’t react at all.

Meanwhile in the office, Diane got up and quickly walked over, “CEO Foster, why did you come personally?”

She really had no idea because Steven didn’t tell her about it.

Up till now, this silly girl still hadn’t realized that Steven had been trying to embarrass her.

Tom Foster became even more terrified when Diane looked like she felt bad for him.

“Uhhh…Miss Palmer, you don’t have to stand on ceremony, please, don’t!”

Tom Foster hurriedly replied, “It is only right for me to come to where you are!”

Previously he didn’t know who Diane really was and was arrogant towards her, even harboring a few lecherous thoughts. But now even if you gave him the guts of ten thousand men, he wouldn’t dare to do anything like this.

When she saw how Tom Foster was behaving so respectfully, Diane was taken aback and didn’t understand what had happened.

She turned to look at Ethan. Could this have anything to do with this guy again?

She turned, so Tom Foster turned too and saw that a man was sitting on the sofa, his heart suddenly pounding. Who was this man?”

“I’m her husband.”

Ethan introduced himself and then didn’t say anymore.

Tom Foster’s heart dropped.

The boss of his boss’ woman was actually married?

What was going on even?

But that was out of his hands. The only mission he had was to sign the contract and help Diane out.

“Miss Palmer, I’ve come here today to sign the contract. If there are any details you need to change, just let me know and I’ll get all of them done!”

Even if she wanted to take all the profit, Tom Foster wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.

“Thanks CEO Foster for supporting us. Since we’ve already agreed on all the details before this, we’ll just go with that,” Diane happily replied.

She didn’t know what happened, but if she could successfully sign this project on, she would be happier than anybody else.

“I nearly forgot, the contract is with the legal department, I’ll go get it now.”

Diane motioned to tell Tom Foster to wait for a while and started walking out of the office.

“Miss Palmer?”

Tom Foster couldn’t resist asking, “Do you…know Brother Winston?”

Diane stopped in her tracks. Brother Winston? Who was that?

She shook her head, “Nope.”

Tom Foster just went ‘oh’ and then smiled, “Nothing, nothing, I’ll wait here for you to bring the contract over.”

Diane quickly opened the door to find a group of people anxiously waiting outside with different expressions on their faces.

Steven’s expression fell. They were done talking already?

“CEO Palmer, where’s the contract? CEO Foster has agreed to sign,” Diane asked.

Steven took a moment to react, then quickly turned and yelled, “Contract! Director Quinn, get the contract here!”

He was still stunned though.

The director of the legal department immediately ran to get it.

“Diane, you and this CEO Foster,” Steven could help but ask, “How are you related?”

Steven still had goosebumps after hearing ‘Little Foster’.

Diane frowned when she saw how everyone was looking at her. She didn’t like others looking at her like that.

She didn’t say anything, so Steven didn’t ask anymore.

In the office, Ethan was still sitting on the sofa lazily.

Tom Foster nodded his head at him and sat on the other end.

No matter what, this was Diane’s husband, so he should be polite to him.

“This Winston – since when did he become CEO Winston.”

Ethan’s words made Tom Foster feel like he was sitting on nails and he leapt up instantly.

He went completely stiff!


Of course he knew Brother Winston’s name, but he had never met anyone who dared to just call him Winston!

This man in front of him had apparently married into Diane’s family, but he knew who Brother Winston was and even just called him Winston directly!

“You…you know Brother Winston?”

After asking this question, Tom Foster immediately felt stupid.

His brain suddenly shook and everything clicked. He knew who this Ethan was!

Brother Winston’s boss!

He was Diane’s husband, that’s why he took care of her. Otherwise, why would Brother Winston have called him personally over a woman?

Tom Foster’s face immediately paled and his body couldn’t stop trembling!


He suddenly wasn’t sure how he should address Ethan. Boss’ boss?

“You just need to know who I am, no need to expose me.”

Ethan calmly spoke, “Winston has already told me that you’re familiar with Greencliff, so as long as I stay here, there’ll be plenty of things I’ll need you to do.”

Tom Foster immediately stood as straight as a signboard when he heard this.

“Yes sir! Ready to take orders anytime!”

My god, the boss of his boss!

Brother Winston was already amazing beyond words, turning him into one of the most influential people in Greencliff within five years. So his boss…Tom Foster dared not even think about it.

Where did this god come from!

“My wife is a kind person. So kind she gets bullied, and there are always people trying to bully her. You know what to do with those idiots who don’t know what’s good for them, right?”

Big…Big Boss, don’t worry. You don’t have to handle small fry like that, Little Foster here will do it.”

Tom Foster hesitated for a while but still decided to call him Big Boss after all. But he felt that he’d better tell Brother Winston about it, in case Brother Winston misunderstood him.

The office door opened.

Ethan went back to his lazy posture, but Tom Foster was still standing in front of him, slightly bowed and with great reverence.

“CEO Foster, I’ve brought the contract here.”

Diane was surprised when she saw this. For some reason CEO Foster seemed a little afraid of Ethan.

Tom Foster immediately snapped back to his usual self and smiled, “Miss Palmer, I hit it off with Mr Hunt, so we chatted for a while.”

Then he went forward, took the contract from Diane and signed on it without even looking through.

“I’ll need to count on Miss Palmer to take care of this project. If you need anything, call me anytime,” Tom Foster said.

He nodded his head at Ethan and went out, but Ethan didn’t even raise his eyelids.

Tom Foster walked out of Diane’s office and exhaled loudly, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders. This expression did not escape the eyes of Steven and the rest.

“CEO Foster…” Steven started.

“CEO Palmer, I’ve already signed the contract for this project, so I have to tell you now. Miss Palmer must be solely in charge of this project, otherwise I’ll terminate it at any time!”

Tom Foster was back to his domineering and unreasonable self. “Yes!”

He looked at the director who opened the door earlier and had treated Diane with disdain. “Idiots like this one here, I think it’s better if the Palmers don’t keep him anymore!”

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