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Chapter 109

“If you’re going to perform the surgery, then it will be on my nephew!”

He continued to snort coldly, “Otherwise everyone else can forget it!”

“That’s right!”

Archie stood up too and glared nastily at the Vice-chairman. He was furious.

Three million!

He had thrown three million dollars out only for him to recommend Joe, and his recommendation was actually rejected.

Never mind that they had been rejected. The doctor had gone to choose to treat William’s crippled legs. How could Archie let this happen?

He would rather anybody else have this chance than to let William have the chance to stand.

“Someone’s making a scene!”

The Vice-chairman reacted very quickly and was already prepared for this.

Within seconds, several security guards dashed in with Tasers and shields.

Steven and his party immediately looked nasty.

“How dare you come here and make a scene!” the Vice-chairman roared, then spoke with a righteous voice, “All who offend Dr John today will be part of the Medical Association’s blacklist and no doctor will treat him ever again!”

These words were a real threat!

Who could guarantee that they’d never fall ill?

It wasn’t so bad if you got a mild illness. You could just get any ordinary doctor. But what if it was a serious illness or even a possibly fatal illness?

All those famous doctors were all members of the Medical Association, would they really not save someone on the brink of death?

“We as doctors have a duty to save the dying and help the wounded, but we also have to protect our pride as a doctor!”

The Vice-chairman became even more agitated. “Dr John came to our country to conduct a lecture and forum so that we can advance in medical science. How could he tolerate all of you making a scene here?”

Anthony Stewart’s face paled.

He wanted to say that he was from the Stewart family, but he suddenly came to his senses when he saw that Ethan’s expression had turned cold.

He was in Greencliff!

He wasn’t in Fairbanks. He was in Ethan’s territory.

Since he had even dared to cripple Joe, then if he kicked up a fuss now, they would never leave this place in one piece.

Steven and Archie were even more furious.

Three million!

They had sent three million out and the deal fell through. On top of that, they were even being threatened now.

What logic was this? Why was there a person like that?!


Archie was going crazy from anger. He pointed at the Vice-chairman and was about to start shouting.

“Throw them out!”

The Vice-chairman wasn’t going to give him that chance. He gave the order and all the security guards rushed over. The Tasers in their hands started buzzing and giving off sparks, so Archie had to swallow all his words.

He had given everything in cash so there wasn’t any evidence at all!

There was no point in saying anything!

“Save me! Save me! I want to be operated on!” Joe shouted loudly and was becoming hysterical. “I don’t want to sit on a wheelchair, I don’t want to sit on a wheelchair anymore!”

Nobody bothered about him. They carried him out and threw everyone out with him.

Greencliff First Hospital had prepared everything well, so John didn’t delay any further and got Ethan to send William to the operating theatre.

There were several bodyguards continuing to guard outside the operating theatre.

They weren’t going to let anyone disrupt the famous doctor’s surgery.

“Ethan, there won’t be any problems, right?” April was a little anxious and she clenched her fists tightly.

She wanted to go in to accompany William, but she was worried that she would affect John from performing his surgery.

“Don’t worry, since he said no problem, then there will be no problem,” Ethan consoled April.

John was one of the top surgeons in the medical world, and there were so many top athletes around the world who had been restored by his hands.

William’s legs had been crippled for some years and was a bit more troublesome, but Ethan wasn’t worried.

He noticed that Diane was frowning and looked worried and anxious. He quietly consoled her, “Don’t worry, everything will be ok.”

Diane looked up at Ethan and her heart immediately relaxed.


The surgery took more than five hours.

The Vice-chairman stood outside the operating theatre with them without leaving at all.

He could see clearly that Ethan was on very good terms with Dr John, so he had to treat them well.

The light of the operating theatre finally went out. John walked out and his forehead was covered with sweat.

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