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Chapter 108

The Vice-chairman walked over to Dr John and spoke to him in English. He pointed to Joe in the front row, saying that his condition was more suitable and could ensure that the surgery would be effective.

He was basically recommending Joe.

Joe got excited when he saw the Vice-chairman point to him. Anthony Stewart was assured, while Steven and his son were even more excited.

“Don’t worry, they’ve already made arrangements,” Anthony Stewart comforted Joe.

Steven also nodded, and looked like he had everything control.

Three million!

He had freaking spent three million dollars only to get a recommendation. This foreign doctor was really arrogant, while this Vice-chairman was really greedy, but he had to give them whatever they asked for.

Little did they expect Dr John to shake his head and only glance once at Joe before looking towards the crowd.

Joe’s heart sank. Had he been rejected?

Anthony Stewart had an equally nasty face, while Steven turned violently to look at Archie.

“That’s not possible! I’ve already given him the money!” Archie hurriedly explained.

The Vice-chairman looked a little awkward as he continued to speak in English, “Dr John, do you have a more suitable candidate? This man in the front row is the candidate that best suits the conditions you set for the surgery.”

John didn’t bother about him and looked around. When he saw someone push a wheelchair through the door, his eyes immediately lit up.

Before the Vice-chairman could react, John immediately gave a shout and started speaking Mandarin fluently.

He started running over while talking, until he reached Ethan and he excitedly said, “Hey! Why did you come only now? I’ve taken several months to prepare for this surgery, you know?”

If not for Ethan, there was no way John was coming to such a tiny city.

This place wasn’t befitting of his status and position!

When he heard John speak such fluent Mandarin, the Vice-chairman was stunned.

He was one of the best English speakers in the hospital, and that’s why he got the chance to be the emcee. But John actually understood everything.

So had John also understood all the things he had muttered to himself earlier?

When he thought about this, the Vice-chairman’s face paled. He was doomed this time. His reputation was going down the drain!

Everyone was also stunned. Nobody expected that this foreign doctor would speak such fluent Mandarin.

Joe, Steven and Archie in particular, had to watch as John decided against them and ran to Ethan…ETHAN!

“Hello Uncle, Auntie! This must be Mrs. Hunt, huh?”

John spoke so well, and Diane and her family were still stunned.


William and April quickly greeted him back.

They didn’t think that this famous doctor was so familiar with Ethan. Was he really from that Beggars’ Sect? All of them were so surprised and couldn’t react.

“I’m good friends with Ethan. Back then we were both homeless and I nearly starved to death, but because Ethan shared half a bun with me…”

Diane felt her head go numb.

Were all these fellow homeless people all so incredible?

She didn’t notice John cheekily winking at Ethan. She was just wondering to herself where this Beggars’ Sect came from.

“Enough of your nonsense. My dad’s legs.”

Ethan frowned and John became serious instantly.

“I’ve been preparing for this for the last two months and I’ve looked through all the necessary information in great detail. I’ve already decided on how to go about the treatment procedure, so there’s no issue.”

Since he said there was no issue, then Ethan was good.

“When is the surgery?”

John turned to look at the Vice-chairman. “Is the operating theatre ready?”

He wasn’t polite about it at all.

“Yes it’s ready! It’s ready!”

The Vice-chairman didn’t dare to say anything else. Since John didn’t mention what happened earlier, he was testing him now.

“We can begin the surgery now,” replied John.


Anthony Stewart immediately shouted with a nasty expression as he glared at Ethan and the rest. “Who said you were going to get the surgery?”

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