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Chapter 107

It was a rare chance to witness a surgery done by Dr John.

The chairman’s expression didn’t change. “Follow what we agreed on beforehand.”

This sort of chance would probably come only once in his entire career, so he had to grab this chance to make sure his name went down gloriously in this hospital’s history.

Dr John was on stage talking about his own experience, while the Vice-chairman had already walked out.

Archie had been waiting for a long time in his office.

“Chairman, you’re finally here!”

Archie was very smart and dropped the word ‘vice’. “How’s it? Can you confirm the candidate already?”

“This is under my care, so I’ll let you stand right in front, and it’s basically yours.”

The Vice-chairman continued calmly, “After all, the one who will make the final decision is Dr John, and I can only give suggestions.”

Archie immediately got excited when he heard this.

Under such circumstances, most people would go along with the host. Since the Vice-chairman was the one giving the suggestions, then that famous doctor was likely to listen to the Vice-chairman out of courtesy. After all, who went for the surgery didn’t make a difference to the doctor.

“Chairman, here’s a small token of my appreciation, I hope you can accept it.” Archie immediately took a box of tea out. “It’s the amount we agreed on the last time.”

But the Vice-chairman didn’t take it.

He glanced at the door to make sure it was shut, then smiled broadly, “Young Master Palmer, I’ll be honest with you. The people who came looking for me these few days have been driving me nuts.”

“When I just came in this morning, the general manager of Flashpoint Logistics was already standing here waiting for me with two boxes of the same tea. Isn’t that putting me in a spot?”

Archie looked a little awkward.

He cursed the doctor for being a greedy old man in his heart, but he quickly put a smile back on his face.

“I was the rude one,” Archie smiled and said, “This is just meant as a greeting.”

A million dollar greeting!

“After everything is settled, I’ll send two more boxes of tea.”

The Vice-chairman still didn’t take it. He didn’t even say anything. He only looked at the time and looked a little impatient.

Nobody took in payment only after the deed was done when it came to things like this.

Archie cursed in his heart. He pulled out a check book from his pocket and scribbled in an amount quickly. “I’ll give it to you now, so you don’t have any further questions, right?”

The Vice-chairman finally smiled. He took the check, checked it through carefully, then nodded.

“Don’t worry, I’ll only recommend you.”

This old fogey only said he’d recommend but didn’t say he’d guarantee.

But to Archie, it was pretty much a done deal.

He thanked the doctor a few more times before quietly leaving the room. He walked out of the hospital just in time to see Steven bringing Joe and Anthony Stewart in.

“How is it?” Anthony Stewart immediately asked.

“No problem!” Archie patted his own chest. “I’ve made all the arrangements, so Young Master Stewart’s legs can definitely be healed!”

Anthony Stewart breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. Joe was excited too as he sat on his wheelchair.

He had enough of this wheelchair and had enough of being a cripple. He couldn’t even stand when he wanted to!

“Mr. Palmer, if you settle this matter well, I will tell my older brother.”

With that statement from Anthony Stewart, Steven was more than happy to spend any amount of money.

“Come along, let’s go in. Young Master Stewart, don’t worry, the recovery time is very short, I heard this doctor has an amazing technique.”


Dr John’s lecture was nearly done.

Very soon, he was going to pick a lucky patient to undergo surgery and be treated for a complicated problem.

There were tons of people outside the hall.


The Vice-chairman was the emcee, so he held the microphone and stood right in front and spoke passionately. “We’re so glad to have Dr John come to Greencliff First Hospital to give us these pointers. Your lecture was simply amazing!”

Everyone applauded.

Steven and the rest were queueing right in front, and were only about 30 feet from Dr John.

Joe’s eyes were filled with excitement and hope.

He wanted to stand up, recover quickly and kill off Ethan and family!

“This time, Dr John would like to choose a patient to perform surgery on and treat a complex and nearly impossible problem. This chance is really hard to come by!”

The Vice-chairman continued to exclaim, “We also believe that the doctors of Greencliff First Hospital can also grasp these incredible medical techniques after observing and learning, so that we can serve the patients better and bless the people!”

Another huge round of applause was heard.

Everyone below the stage was getting a little impatient.

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