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Chapter 106

Steven reached the Stewart house in no time.

Quentin Stewart finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that the famous doctor had arrived.

“Why did such a renowned doctor go to tiny Greencliff instead of Fairbanks? Tsk.” It would have been much more convenient if he came to Fairbanks.

“Mr. Palmer, are you sure there’s no problem?” Quentin Stewart had only one son and he couldn’t let him remain a cripple.

“Master Stewart, don’t worry, I’ve arranged everything already,” Steven said as he patted his own chest. “I promise you that everything will be alright when Young Master Stewart returns home.”

Even if he had to spend a bit more money, he didn’t mind at all. If he could get the Stewarts to owe him one, even spending a few million dollars was to his profit!

“Anthony, you go along with him.”

Quentin Stewart was still worried. “I still have matters to attend to here and can’t go. You go and help to take care of Joe.”


Anthony Stewart kept an icy face on and didn’t have much expression.

None of them wasted any more time. Anthony Stewart quickly followed Steven to send Joe to Greencliff and prepare for the surgery.

On the other side.

William was very nervous.

These two legs had been crippled for many years now, and he didn’t have much confidence himself.

“Ethan, is it really possible?” William asked nervously. “I also heard that the doctor is extremely expensive, we…”

“Are we short of money?” Ethan asked. “Besides, he doesn’t take any money from me.”

“Why?” Diane found it hard to believe.

All of Greencliff had gone into a frenzy when the famous doctor reached Greencliff.

So many people had prepared a lot of money for him to treat them.

“When I was homeless, I gave him half a bun,” Ethan replied with a serious face.

Diane didn’t want to bother about him anymore.

When he was homeless again? His Beggar Sect friends again? Half a bun AGAIN? How many buns did Ethan have on himself when he was a homeless man?! Wasn’t there too many talented people in this Beggars’ Sect?!

Diane wanted to ask some more, but April tugged at her. She knew that Ethan wasn’t an ordinary person, so since Ethan said there wouldn’t be any problem, then there really wasn’t any problem. There was nothing to ask.

“Dad, let’s go.” Ethan smiled and didn’t want to explain further. He pushed William’s wheelchair out and said, “We can throw this wheelchair away after today.”

At Greencliff First Hospital.

The carpark was full.

A dozen security guards were perspiring heavily as they directed the traffic in and out of the carpark. Most of the cars were trying to come in and very few were going out.

All of them were here for this famous doctor!

Dr John was a world famous surgeon. He received the warmest welcome everywhere he went.

Many top hospitals in the country were so jealous that he had gone to Greencliff.

All the orthopedic surgeons of the hospital had gathered in the hall. Nobody wanted to miss a lecture by John, even if they were already professors in medical schools.

The chairman of the hospital was also sitting at one side, and there was pride and glee on his face.

This sort of expert was someone they could never invite even if they tried. But Dr John had actually taken the initiative to contact them and said he wanted to have a tour of Greencliff First Hospital and was willing to operate on one patient for educational purposes.

“Many chairmen on the boards of major hospitals in Fairbanks have called me to ask how I managed to invite Dr John,” the chairman was quietly boasting to someone. “But who could I tell him a business secret like that?”

“We must take good care of him! For Dr John to come and give our hospital pointers is our privilege!”

“Yes yes yes, I’ve already made arrangements. Also, since we have to choose one person to be treated, this person…”

There was a glint in the Vice-chairman’s eyes.

This was a business opportunity.

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