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Chapter 105

First the hand grabbed a piece of flesh, then twisted it.

He gasped and turned to look at Diane. He nearly shouted.

“Domestic violence!”

There were other people around, so Ethan could only mouth this at Diane.

“Humph, that’s for teasing me!”

Diane ignored Ethan and pretended to look angry.

She had just told Ethan that morning to leave all the company matters to her. But almost immediately after that, Ethan had delivered this slap in her face. Did he think girls were easy to bully? What an awful man!

But she knew that without Ethan, she really couldn’t have handled all those people who came in the afternoon. She also knew that Ethan would do something, and that’s why she dared to agree to suspend all operations. But she felt so indignant.

When Ethan saw how she was only pretending to be angry, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Diane had pinched him hard, so he had to pretend that it really hurt too.

This time, the authorities couldn’t get Steven and his son, but they had caused him pretty severe damage. It wasn’t just the tax department. Practically every department came to check, and Steven was going to slam tables soon.

He was glad that he was already prepared for this. He paid a fairly high price to make sure all the biggest issues were blamed on Gerald.

His face was now sullen, and Gerald started trembling when Steven looked at him.

“You should thank me. If I didn’t make you suffer a stroke, you’d have to go to jail now,” Steven laughed coldly.

He was really worse than an animal. He actually wanted Gerald to thank him?

“I kept you alive precisely to be my scapegoat. Never thought of it, eh?”

Steven laughed. “Dad, you’re still useful to the Palmer family.”

He then turned and left.

Gerald couldn’t say anything. The only hand that could still move really wanted to clench its fist to punch Steven, but Gerald couldn’t do it either.

Eventually he was only left with two streams of tears of regret that kept flowing down his cheeks.

Steven walked to the living room to find Archie leaning against the sofa and still reeling from shock. He nearly went to jail!

“Dad, Diane is so evil!”

Archie clenched his teeth. “How did this happen? Didn’t the Stewart family already settle this beforehand?”

He didn’t believe that the authorities would listen to Diane or William. They weren’t capable of this.

Could it be that Ethan?

But that crazy guy only knew how to fight when he went mad, so he probably wasn’t capable of doing something like this either.

“I’ve asked already, the instruction came from the higher ups, apparently they’re going on some anti-corruption drive now.”

Steven cursed. “Diane and family just happened to get lucky!”

Director Nixon had been arrested and it was such a bad time to be arrested. That was exactly why Diane had been able to come out unscathed, and Steven was the one who was in trouble.

Steven was now very unhappy with the Stewarts. They were such a large family but their connections weren’t reliable. What an embarrassment.

“That famous doctor is coming in a few days, so keep an eye on things. Once he reaches Greencliff, I’ll go straight to Fairbanks to pick up Joe,” said Steven. “As long as we help to get that doctor to treat Joe’s legs, then the Stewarts will owe us one.”

“Got it!”

Archie said, “That doctor is coming to Greencliff’s First Hospital to give a lecture and I heard he’s a real money grubber. Dad, how much money do we have to give?”

Steven frowned and felt a pain in his heart. “Take a million first. It’s enough to treat two legs.”

Three days later.

There was a huge banner at Greencliff International Airport to let everyone know that the famous doctor arriving was no ordinary man.

Archie immediately informed Steven when he got the news.

Steven immediately went straight to the Stewarts in Fairbanks himself.

Archie had prepared the money and went to pay the Vice-chairman of Greencliff First Hospital, hoping that he could use this connection to get that famous doctor to treat Joe.

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