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Chapter 103

Director Nixon sat in his office, and that box of tea in the drawer seemed to be emanating a faint fragrance.

“I think there’s twenty of them.”

He had felt the amount and he should be correct.

Someone pushed the door open and Director Nixon got a fright.

“Are you asking to die?” He cursed immediately.

Thankfully he hadn’t taken that box of tea out. It would be very troublesome to explain it if someone else saw it.

But the moment he lifted his head, he immediately stood up and his face paled.

“Minister Small!”

Minister Small’s face was grim and there were two other officers behind him.

“Lance Nixon, you are now under investigation for corruption and bribery!” Minister Small didn’t hold back any of his words.

“No wait, Minister Small, what’s going on?” Director Nixon went into a panic.

He didn’t understand what was going on at all. Why did they suddenly want to investigate him?

“Go ask Walter Gore!”

He waved his hand and coldly said, “Happily receiving boxes of tea, aren’t you? Go and relive those memories in jail!”

Before Director Nixon could explain anything, the two officers went up and dragged him out of the office.

At the same time.

Steven was sitting in his office and in an excellent mood. Pulling a small stunt like this was enough to make life difficult for William.

As long as they stopped work for a few days, there was no way William could bear the losses of those few projects they had.

Then he would use his connections with the Stewarts to get those projects. All the deciding power would return into his hands again.

“Dad, this move is really amazing!”

Archie buttered his father up. “Looks like this time Diane and family are really going down. HAHA!”

“Humph, they already overestimated themselves when they offended the Stewarts!”

Steven was feeling gleeful in his heart, but continued to look calm. “Number three is number three after all. How could he surpass number one?”

The father and son duo couldn’t help but feel happy over William’s misery.

They didn’t have to really push William too hard. Just making his company stop work for a few days was enough to make him suffer tremendous losses already.

Once those business partners saw that there were problems with William’s side, then they’d lose confidence in him and won’t choose to work with him again.

That was Steven’s chance!

“They even dared to hit Joe Stewart. Now the Stewarts are preparing in secret, so the moment they make their move, Diane and family don’t even stand a chance of surviving.”

Archie now really hated Ethan and Diane to the core. Once they fell, he was going to step hard on them.

Just as they were talking, there was some commotion outside.

“We are from the Tax Department. We suspect your company of tax evasion and we’re going to conduct an investigation now.”

The voice from outside the door made Steven’s expression fall.

He thought he heard wrongly.

After he heard even more noise outside, he immediately stood up and walked out in a hurry. He saw many men in uniform taking out their warrants.

“Dad, why is the Tax Department here?”

Archie panicked even more inside. His accounts weren’t clean at all.

Besides, hadn’t the authorities sent someone to check on William? Why were they here instead?

Steven’s heart sank but his expression remained calm and he told Archie not to say anything.

“Hello everyone…”

Steven walked over with a big smile on his face. “What’s going on? Want to have a chat in my office?”

“Do not block us from carrying out our duties!”

The leader of the tax officers had a stern face. “We already have a lot of evidence on our hands, so it will be better if you cooperate with our investigation.”

Steven frowned. His accounts weren’t clean at all. They couldn’t hold up against any investigation. But the man in front of him clearly looked like he wasn’t going to give in at all. The moment his accounts were checked, Steven was doomed!

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