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Chapter 102

Walter Gore’s heart sank. Were things so serious?

“Why are you standing there? Apologize to CEO Palmer!”

“I’m…I’m sorry.”

Walter Gore quickly ran to Diane and bent his head like a child who had made a mistake, and his voice was so soft now.

Diane still shook her head. “I’ll wait for the notice.”

She then turned to leave.

Mayor Tyson’s heart sank this time. He couldn’t let this happen!

He quickly ran to Diane and smiled, “CEO Palmer, don’t be angry. The lower ranks didn’t do their job properly, so Minister Small will manage and discipline them accordingly. You can’t let the company suspend operations because of that.”

“I came today because I wanted to see the company that has been contributing greatly to Greencliff’s economy and society, so how could you suspend operations?”

Diane really didn’t know who the man in front of her was. But she could tell that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

“But we haven’t received the notice,” she replied with a straight face.

“We’ve sent the notice already! We’ve sent it!”

Minister Small quickly spoke up, “I’ll get someone to send the official notice immediately!

He then made a phone call.

Diane finally nodded. “But my staff have almost all left, so I can’t entertain all of you today.”

“No worries, no worries. All of you work very hard so it’s good to take a break today, I’ll come another time!”

Mayor Tyson breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

Diane went back upstairs.

Mayor Tyson still had a nasty expression on his face.

The men behind him were also filled with fear. They were very clear now that nobody must ever touch this Palmer Group.

“Minister Small, I want the results tomorrow.”

He turned to face Minister Small with a stern expression. Walter Gore felt like his soul was going to leave his body. “If you can’t settle this properly, turn in your resignation letter yourself!”

Minister Small really felt like his soul had left!

Everyone was dismissed from there, but Mayor Tyson came back and cautiously knocked on the door of the security guard office.

When he saw Ethan seated inside, he stood very straight and didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

He only knew a bit about this man in front of him. But this little bit was enough to scare him half to death. Such a legendary man was actually in Greencliff!

“Why are you being so polite? Have a seat.”

Mayor Tyson didn’t dare to sit at all. He didn’t have the right to sit with Ethan.

Ethan calmly said, “Now that the illegal circle has been cleaned up, you can stretch your arms and legs out to do something for this city, right?”

These words made Mayor Tyson perspire all over. So the person who had cleaned out all of the illegal circle in one night was Ethan.

Mayor Tyson didn’t dare to say anything. He was still thinking that the only person who could possibly do this was that legendary man. And today, this legendary man was sitting right in front of him.

“Greencliff is a port city along the coastline and has a unique advantage. But it hasn’t been able to develop much over the past few years, and all this is your responsibility to bear.”

Mayor Tyson nodded, “Yes, yes, it is my responsibility.”

“Now the biggest obstacle is out of the way. You still have any questions?”

“No!” replied Mayor Tyson immediately.

“It’s very important to develop this place and I believe you know what to do. Go develop what needs to be developed and fix up what needs to be fixed.”

Ethan poured a cup of tea out. “Allowing the people to live better lives is your responsibility. Remember that.”

Mayor Tyson used both hands to receive the cup and replied seriously, “I’ll remember that!”

He took a small sip but still couldn’t contain the nervousness inside. “What about you?”

“Just pretend that I don’t exist,” Ethan replied casually.

Mayor Tyson understood his words. He put down the cup of tea and left.

Ethan had settled the problem that had plagued him for years overnight, so this was a huge favor. Ethan didn’t want Mayor Tyson to expose who he was, but Mayor Tyson knew that there were some things he had to help Ethan to settle properly.

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