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Chapter 101

“Mayor Tys…”

How had the mayor come as well?!

Not just the mayor, but Mayor Tyson was followed by all the ministers in Greencliff. What was going on?

Walter Gore didn’t dare to say anymore. He didn’t even have the right to greet Mayor Tyson!

“Apologies, but our company is temporarily closed.”

Mayor Tyson had hurried over and was about to go upstairs when the receptionist at the entrance politely blocked him and said this.


Mayor Tyson felt like he was going to puke blood soon but couldn’t, so he swallowed it and said, “Temporarily closed?”

“That’s right.”

Diane walked out from the elevator with her bag in hand. “Our paperwork wasn’t complete and we were ordered to suspend operations, so we have to abide by the law.”

She looked at Walter Gore next to her and calmly explained, “This good sir over here just informed us.”

More than ten pairs of eyes instantly turned to stare at Walter Gore and his men, and he felt a chill in his heart.

“Which agency are you from?” Mayor Tyson asked angrily.

“M…Mayor, I’m from the Ministry of Health…”

“Minister Small!”

Mayor didn’t let Walter Gore continue speaking. He just turned and yelled for Minister Small and his face became stern. “One of yours?”

A slightly plump middle aged man’s face paled as he hurried to the front.

The ministers had gone with Mayor Tyson for a ribbon cutting ceremony, and halfway through Mayor Tyson suddenly left in a hurry, saying something big had happened, so everyone became nervous too.

When had they seen Mayor Tyson look like that?

He was in a panic!

“Which department are you from?”

Minister Small spoke loudly, “You’re really bold! What are you doing here?”

Walter Gore was already frightened to pieces. This was the first time he had seen so many state leaders.

“I’m from the business division, under Director Nixon…”

“There are some changes in Palmer Group’s processes and it doesn’t comply with our standards, so I was here to inform them to quickly…”

“Doesn’t comply with our standards?”

Minister Small knew immediately that Walter Gore was spouting rubbish!

All this paperwork was done by the agency itself in accordance to their standards. Every business had to do it this way, so how could any business have anything that didn’t comply with the agency’s standards?

Wasn’t that putting a foot in his mouth?

He turned around and saw that Mayor Tyson’s expression was so nasty and darker than the night sky.

“So because they don’t comply with our standards you told them to suspend operations?”

Minister Small was shuddering too. Even a stupid person could tell that this Palmer Group was no ordinary company.

All the charity events recently were all supported by this Palmer Group.

Never mind who was behind Palmer Group – nobody dared to make trouble for a business that contributed so much to society!


Walter Gore’s face was pale and didn’t know what to say.

He never imagined that so many leaders would suddenly appear.

He only wished he could find a hole to hide himself in now.

Diane couldn’t be bothered.

“Sorry everyone, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know you were coming, and I’m not able to entertain you.”

She shook her head and said, “We can’t resume business until we get an official notice.”

As Diane was saying this, more employees emerged from the elevators with their bags and left the building. It was clear that they had really suspended all operations.

“CEO Palmer, don’t be anxious.”

Mayor Tyson decided to speak up because he had no choice. He had meant to leave it to Minister Small to settle this, but it looked like if Diane really left, then he would be in deep trouble over what happened today.

“Minister Small!”

That one shout made Minister Small’s large body shudder.

“Since all these processes follow our standards, how could they be non-compliant? You’re spouting rubbish!”

Minister Small continued to scold him angrily, “I think your investigation processes are the ones that aren’t complete! I will investigate this matter!”

“If I find out that you have gone against the rules or broken the law, I’m going to punish you severely!”

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