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Chapter 100

Ethan’s second sentence made Mayor Tyson feel his head go numb.

“If this is how it is, then I’ll shut the company down and move elsewhere.”

The third sentence was like a bolt of lightning and Mayor Tyson felt his legs go weak. He quickly replied, “I’ll be there in a minute!”

After hanging up, Ethan continued making tea. As if nothing had even happened.

At this moment.

At the highest floor of the company’s headquarters.

Everyone in the office looked up. Nobody expected someone to suddenly come and conduct an inspection.

“All the paperwork and other documents are all here. Is there anything I missed out?”

The director of the administrative department didn’t look very friendly.

They had done all the necessary procedures but someone actually came to make trouble for them.


Walter Gore took a few glances and scoffed. “Don’t you know that you have to change to a new business license? If you don’t change it in time, you’d have to bear the responsibility!”

The admin director wasn’t new, so he held his anger in and asked, “What responsibility?”

“A responsibility that you can’t afford to bear!”

Walter Gore hadn’t expected the staff of Palmer Group to be this obtuse.

Most other people would have humbled themselves and started talking politely. They would have said that they were on it and would even invite Walter Gore and his men to have some tea in a meeting room to chat.

But this fellow in front of him didn’t seem to understand any of this!

“Or you mean, you want me to come here every single day?”

There was a hidden meaning in these words.

The admin director’s face fell. Of course he knew what Walter Gore was thinking about.

These guys were here to make trouble!

“What’s going on?”

Diane walked out after hearing the commotion and quietly asked the director after glancing at Walter Gore.

“CEO Palmer, this man here says that we have missing paperwork and cannot continue business until everything is complete.”

How were they going to continue working if the authorities made trouble like that?

Once any of their projects were halted, the losses they would suffer would be tremendous.

There was no problem at all, but the authorities were trying to insist on finding a problem. These scoundrels!

Diane had no expression on her face as she looked at Walter Gore. “What are we missing? Tell us and we’ll get it done.”

Walter Gore looked back at Diane and frowned slightly. He wasn’t too happy with the way Diane spoke to him.

“Filing paperwork is a long and complicated process and your company might not necessarily pass through. Suspend operations for the time being and wait for us to notify you.”

He couldn’t be bothered to say anymore. Since Diane didn’t know what was good for her, then she couldn’t blame him for being harsh.

After all, he called the shots on whether to deal with them extremely harshly or leniently.

“Suspend operations?”

Diane remained calm. So calm that Walter Gore felt uneasy.

“Sure, we’ll suspend operations.”

Walter Gore got a shock when he heard what Diane said.

He didn’t expect Diane to just agree without even raising any questions.

That wasn’t normal.

Even the director next to Diane was taken aback. He didn’t expect Diane to agree either.

“From today onwards, everyone will be on leave until the authorities inform us that our paperwork is in order and we can resume our business.”

Diane continued to speak very calmly.

The calmer she was, the more uneasy Walter Gore felt.

That director nodded and sent out the message. Soon enough, many employees had packed up and left after saying goodbye to Diane.

Walter Gore’s face grew grim.

He just wanted to pressurize Diane into behaving properly, but he didn’t expect Diane to fight back and just suspend the business like that.

“Hoho, CEO Palmer, you’re a really decisive person huh.”

He laughed coldly and said nastily, “You can slowly wait for us to notify you when everything is done!”

Walter Gore then turned and left.

He didn’t lose anything this way, so why bother about Diane’s reaction?

He didn’t think that such a large company could just suspend operations like that. How would Diane deal with such tremendous losses?

“Let’s go!”

Walter Gore left with his men. Just when he got out from the elevator, he saw a figure walking over with more than ten men behind him.

He felt his throat and eyes dry up immediately.

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