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Chapter 10

CEO Foster had arrived!

Five luxury cars in a row, a Bentley right in the front, what a sight!

In Greencliff, Tom Foster was infamous. He had countless businesses and was probably ranked among the top three richest men.

The more shocking part was that Tom Foster went from rags to riches in barely five years!

Anyone who worked with him was almost guaranteed to profit and not loss.

Palmer Group had invested a lot of resources into this project. Diane herself had worked hard for half a year on this project, working overtime every day and through the night.

Now the project details were finally all ironed out, and the last step was to sign the contract.

Who would have known? Tom Foster, known for his bad temper, would actually come personally to Palmer Group to sign the contract. This had never happened before.

“CEO Foster!”

Steven was already waiting at the door.

The moment he saw Tom Foster’s car stop, he quickly ran up to welcome him, “Welcome, welcome!”

Tom Foster nodded slightly and scanned the area.

“Where’s Miss Diane?”

Steven didn’t tell Diane that Tom Foster was coming over today to sign the contract.

Instead, he brought everyone in the top management to wait in the cold wind at the door.

“Oh, Diane is a bit busy and isn’t free to welcome CEO Foster, so I have to do it even though I’m the CEO.”

Steven put on an awkward and pitiful looking face.

When the other directors heard this, they were even angrier.

Diane was busy?

With what?!

She didn’t have any work on her hands and was just sitting in that luxurious office room with her homeless husband. Goodness knows what she’s doing right now.

So much so they had to come out and do this with the CEO.

She had gone too far in abusing her position!

At first they thought Tom Foster would get angry, but Tom Foster unexpectedly just nodded a little and there was no displeasure on his face whatsoever.

“Looks like those rumors were true. Something shady is really happening between Diane and CEO Foster.”

“Damn it, it’s better to be a woman after all. Just be kinda pretty, open your legs and you can get any project you want. Whereas we have to work our ass off!”

“This Diane is really outrageous, does she really think Palmer Group is hers?”

Even the CEO had to stand in the cold and receive guests, while she was comfortably sitting in her office with the heater!

The few directors exchanged glances, and their hearts had long turned against Diane.

But to Tom Foster, this was only normal.

If Diane really came out to receive him, he would be terrified!

Even such a big shot like Brother Winston was working for that Big Boss, so who was he to get Diane to receive him?

“This way please!”

Steven stretched a hand out.

A whole row of people walked into the office, straight into the lift and up to the highest floor.

News spread through the company like wildfire.

The infamous CEO Foster had come to sign the contract with them, but Diane didn’t come out to receive him and left it to CEO Steven and the top management to wait in the cold wind for nearly an hour!

She’s gone too far!

She’s too arrogant!

She thinks she’s above everyone else!

How dare she use her secret liaisons with CEO Foster to be so audacious!

Everyone was riled up against her, and many employees cursed Diane viciously behind her back.

They said things like she was a slut, she was dirty…there were even people who secretly spat at the door when they walked past Diane’s office.

Everyone had drawn a line between themselves and Diane in their hearts. They swore to themselves never to walk too close to a woman like that.

She was such a hypocrite!

Steven was in front leading the way while explaining about Palmer Group as well as how much he respected and admired CEO Foster.

After being tossed about in the marketplace for so many years, Steven was excellent at talking, and he always made people feel good after listening to him.

But Tom Foster didn’t seem to be paying him any attention.

He only had a patronizing look on his face.

“CEO Foster, the meeting room is this way.”

Steven was still smiling, “I’ve already got someone to make copies of the contract, so take a seat here first, I’ll go call Diane over.”

Tom Foster was willing to sign the contract with nobody else but Diane, this was crazy in itself.

Nobody had ever heard of Tom Foster having any connection to Diane before.

Besides, given Tom Foster’s worth and status, was there any woman he couldn’t have?

The directors thought these things in their head and could only quietly shake their heads.

“Oh no no no,” Tom Foster immediately shook his head. “How can I let Miss Palmer come over here, I should be the one going over to where she is instead.”

Steven froze when he heard this.

The directors were also taken aback. What did he mean?

Was CEO Foster angry and saying this sarcastically?

He must be angry. After all, anyone who met someone this arrogant would get angry. Diane was merely a normal employee of Palmer Group.

Or was it because Diane and CEO Foster were really having some illicit relationship but she behaved so arrogantly in front of so many people – was she seeking death?

Many people who thought about it this way started to be happy about seeing her downfall.

“CEO Foster, this…” Steven pretended that he was in a terribly difficult position. “CEO Foster, Diane is still young and immature, don’t be angry.”

That was what he said, but he was hoping hard that Tom Foster would really get angry. If the project got tossed to one side or even cancelled as a result of this, then Diane and family would have to just get out!

“Where is Miss Palmer?”

Tom Foster waved a hand with a slight frown and couldn’t be bothered to listen to Steven say anymore useless things. “Bring me there!”

Steven motioned to one of the executives and he immediately went forward.”

“CEO Foster, this way please!”

Tom Foster must be fuming now!

You could tell just from his expression. Such a serious face!

Diane was doomed this time.

The entire row of employees started walking quickly towards Diane’s office. When the rest of the company heard about this, everyone became curious.

Many found an excuse to send documents or look for someone, and ran up to the floor where Diane’s office was.

Diane had behaved so arrogantly, so they were waiting to see what would become of her!

Meanwhile, Diane was in her office and she couldn’t sit still at all.

She had never dared to even dream of having such a luxurious office.

And Steven had personally arranged this despite the current situation.

She just felt that something was not quite right.

“Ethan, what is my uncle trying to do?”

Diane was worried. “I feel like there’s something wrong somewhere.”

Ethan was seated on the sofa and he calmly replied, “There is something wrong.”

“This office is not good enough for you.”

Diane was speechless.

If this standard of luxury wasn’t enough, then what ridiculously high standards did Ethan have?

He was just a homeless lad before this.

Before Diane could respond, someone knocked on the office door.

“Please come in,” Diane replied.

The director who led the way earlier was outside frowning and feeling very displeased.

Diane wasn’t coming over to open the door and he had to open it for her?

He pushed the office door open and snorted in his heart. Diane was doomed this time.

“CEO Foster, Miss Palmer is in the office. I’m afraid that I’m not at a level high enough to go in.”

There was much mocking and disdain in his voice.

He thought that Tom Foster would have a common enemy with him.

But then Tom Foster just looked at him and frowned, “You are really not at a level high enough.”

Without waiting for a response, Tom Foster was like a completely different person the next moment. He bowed slightly, put on a smile and walked in with great respect!

“Miss Palmer, Little Foster is sorry for interrupting you like this, I hope you will not be angry!”

His tone of voice was as if he was meeting some really big shot!

That director was completely stunned!

Steven was also shocked, and his throat was like jammed with mud and he couldn’t get a single word out.

All the employees watching also had their eyes widen and their mouths gaped.

What…what was going on?

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